The New Terminal 6

About JFK Millennium Partners

JFK Millennium Partners (JMP) is the development partner for the new Terminal 6 redevelopment project at JFK International Airport. Our team is composed of Vantage Airport Group, American Triple I (ATI), and RXR Realty. We are excited to be working with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to build and manage a state-of-the-art new international terminal that will anchor the north side of the airport and help transform JFK into a modern, 21st century airport.

Terminal 6 By The Numbers


redevelopment, with more than $2.6B in planning, design, and construction services

1.2 million ft²

terminal complex, critical supporting roadways, utilities, aircraft apron, and ground transportation center

9 gates



construction starts, continues through 2027


jobs created

100,000 ft²

of exceptional passenger amenities

Our Design-Build Team

JMP has selected AECOM Hunt as its design-build partner for delivery of the new Terminal 6. Delivered in two parts, this project will offer significant contract opportunities for minority, women-owned, local business enterprises.

Our MWBE Participation Goals

We are committed to meeting or exceeding New York State’s goal of 30% utilization of Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs), including 20% for minority-owned businesses (MBEs) and 10% for women-owned business enterprises (WBE). Competitive bids from local businesses representing the Borough of Queens and surrounding areas will be prioritized.


PART 1: Design and Preconstruction Services
  • During Part 1, the Design Builder and Developer are working together to advance design
  • Design Builder will prepare and negotiate a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the project
PART 2: Construction
  • With an agreed-to GMP, Part 2 of the contract (i.e. majority of hiring opportunities) proceeds
More information on opportunities to get involved in the new Terminal 6 redevelopment is available here.

Upcoming Bid Packages


GMPAreaBP#DescriptionIssue Bid PackageBid Due Date
Request for Expressions of Interest: Tenant Design ServicesRFP-010Request for Expressions of Interest - Tenant Design Services2023-09-18
Request for Expressions of Interest: SignageRFP-010Project Management Services: Signage Services2023-04-11EOI Due: 2023-04-14
POST-GMPTerminal02AT7 DemolitionTBDTBD
POST-GMPAirside02GT5 Jet Fuel Spill - Professional ServicesTBDTBD
POST-GMPTerminal03BConcrete Flatwork / Superstructure2021-12-012023-03-07
POST-GMPTerminal04BMasonry - Interior Fitout2023-10-202023-12-24
POST-GMPTerminal05COrnamental Metals & Railings2023-10-102023-12-14
POST-GMPTerminal05DMetal Fabrications - Interior Fitout2023-10-102023-12-14
POST-GMPTerminal06AArchitectural Woodwork / Panels2023-12-222024-02-28
POST-GMPTerminal06BArchitectural Woodwork / Casework2023-12-082024-02-28
POST-GMPTerminal07CInterior Caulking2024-03-072024-05-08
POST-GMPTerminal09BDrywall and Ceilings2023-12-222024-02-28
POST-GMPTerminal09FVCT, Base, Carpet, Wood Flooring2024-03-072024-05-08
POST-GMPTerminal09GPainting and Wallcovering2024-05-162024-06-22
POST-GMPTerminal09HIntumescent Painting2023-10-102023-12-14
POST-GMPTerminal09KFinish Flooring (Gate T5-30)2022-01-052022-04-25
POST-GMPTerminal09XMisc. Finishes2023-09-192023-12-08
POST-GMPTerminal10AToilet Partitions and Accessories2024-05-072023-12-08
POST-GMPTerminal10BTerminal Signage2024-05-162024-07-22
POST-GMPTerminal10XOther Specialties2024-07-242024-10-01
POST-GMPTerminal11ALoading Dock Equipment2024-05-162024-07-22
POST-GMPTerminal11BFood Service Equipment2024-07-242024-10-01
POST-GMPTerminal11XMisc. Equipment2024-07-302024-10-01
POST-GMPTerminal12AHold Room Furniture2024-05-162024-07-22
POST-GMPTerminal12XMisc. Furnishings2024-07-202024-10-01
POST-GMPTerminal13XSpecial Construction2024-07-302024-10-01
POST-GMPTerminal22BPlumbing - Fitout2023-06-012023-08-04
POST-GMPTerminal23CHVAC - BATC2023-06-192023-07-17
POST-GMPTerminal23DHVAC - Air - Fitout2023-06-012023-08-04
POST-GMPTerminal23EHVAC - Water - Fitout2023-06-012023-08-04
POST-GMPTerminal26CElectrical - Secondary2023-06-022023-08-04
POST-GMPTerminal27ACommunications Infrastructure, Electronic Digital Systems, IPTV2023-06-062023-08-04
POST-GMPTerminal27BLocal Area Network, WiFi, VOIP, Enterprise Service Bus2023-06-262023-09-25
POST-GMPTerminal27DPSLS Radio DAS, Operator Radio DAS2023-06-262023-09-25
POST-GMPTerminal27ECellular DAS2026-06-022023-08-04
POST-GMPTerminal27FPaging/Public Address, Hearing Loop2023-06-262023-09-25
POST-GMPTerminal28AFire Alarm2023-06-022023-08-04
POST-GMPTerminal32BTerminal Hardscapes2024-07-302024-10-01
POST-GMPTerminal32CTerminal Landscaping2024-07-302024-10-01
POST-GMPAirside32DPermanent Fence (Airside)TBDTBD
POST-GMPLandside32XStaging and Parking Lot Improvement (w/ BP-02A.1)TBDTBD


Upcoming General Conditions and Requirements

BP#Bid Package DescriptionIssue Bid PackageBid Due DateCurrent Status
GR02Janitorial Services2022-11-02TBDNot Issued
GR04CCTV / Security System for Office2022-11-02TBDNot Issued
GR05Office Furniture2023-01-23TBDNot Issued
GR06Printing2023-01-23TBDNot Issued
GR07Office Supplies2023-01-23TBDNot Issued
GR08Coffee / Water Service2023-01-23TBDNot Issued
GR09First Aid Supplies2023-01-23TBDNot Issued
GR23Temporary Protection2023-01-07TBDNot Issued
GR24Street Sweeping2023-01-23TBDNot Issued
GR25Snow Removal2023-01-24TBDNot Issued
GR26Construction Parking Lot ImprovementsTBDTBDNot Issued
GR27Temporary Heating/CoolingTBDTBDNot Issued
GR29Final CleaningQ1 2023TBDNot Issued
GR30Glass CleaningQ2 2023TBDNot Issued
GR31Pest Control2022-12-12TBDNot Issued
GR32Misc Tools and Hardware2022-12-12TBDNot Issued
GR33Webcam System2022-12-12TBDNot Issued
GR34Photography2022-12-12TBDNot Issued
GR39Lull RentalTBDTBDNot Issued
GR40Scaffolding2022-12-12TBDNot Issued
GR42SchedulerTBDTBDNot Issued
GR43Environmental ConsultantTBDTBDNot Issued
GR44Estimating ServicesTBDTBDNot Issued
GR47Building 111 Office Fit Out2022-12-212023-01-13Not Issued

Already Certified?

If you have already been certified or will be certified in the near future, please be sure that your business profile on the applicable MWBE directory is up to date, listing the correct commodity codes, work categories, and contact details. We will send out solicitations of interest to prospective bidders based on the work categories that each company is certified to perform.

Becoming Certified

JMP Wants You!

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  2. Complete application for pre-qualification in Building Connected.
  3. Join our Mailing List

Note that AECOM is involved on Terminal 1 with Tishman Construction and at Terminal 6 with Hunt Construction at JFK Airport.

There is a separate prequalification application per development team. If you are interested in being considered for both projects, do not start the applications simultaneously.

Complete one application first to facilitate the seamless transition of information from one to the next Please be reminded that you need to complete both applications if you want to register for both T1 and T6 work. Data transfer will reduce your data input, but you need to register under both project websites if you want to bid on both.

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General Supplier Diversity Inquiries[email protected]Dean Bennett
Category I – Financial & Professional Services[email protected]Jean Kristensen
Categories II/III Design & Construction[email protected]Mei-Ling Rodriguez