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All work providers must complete the prequalification process through Delta’s 3rd party prequalification vendor. This process includes providing financial and safety data related to their company via an online platform. Once completed the prequalification is valid for one calendar year based off the date of the financials given and does not need to be completed multiple times. For additional information, please complete a notice of interest form and a Delta team member will contact you.

Prospective contractors should send a completed Notice of Interest Form to D’Anna Bradley ( or Ericka Brown (

Architectural and Engineering OpportunitiesDesign Start DateDesign End DateCA Start DateCA End Date
Concourse A Expansion and Concourse B Renovation
Project Administration ServicesIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
BIM Management and TechnicianIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
Structural EngineeringIn Progress21-Oct21-Oct23-Jun
MechanicalIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
ElectricalIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
Plumbing & Fire ProtectionIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
Architectural LightingIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
SecurityIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
ITCIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
Acoustics & PAIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
FacadesIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
CivilIn Progress21-Oct21-Oct23-Jun
GeotechnicalIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
SustainabilityIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
Airside Planning and EngineeringIn Progress21-Oct21-Oct23-Jun
Airport PlanningIn Progress21-Oct21-Oct23-Jun
Baggage Handling System DesignIn Progress21-Nov21-Nov23-Jun
Hydrant Fueling System DesignIn Progress21-Oct21-Oct23-Jun
Headhouse Expansion and Renovation
Project Administration ServicesIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
BIM Management and TechnicianIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
Structural EngineeringIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
MechanicalIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
ElectricalIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
Plumbing & Fire ProtectionIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
Architectural LightingIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
SecurityIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
ITCIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
Acoustics & PAIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
FacadesIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
CivilIn Progress21-Oct21-Oct23-Dec
GeotechnicalIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
SustainabilityIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
Baggage Handling System DesignIn Progress21-Dec21-Dec23-Dec
Civil Structures DesignIn Progress21-Oct21-Oct23-Dec
Concourse Bid Package Description
Concourse Structural Steel21-Sep22-Jan
Concourse Superstructure Concrete21-Nov22-Mar
Curtain Wall Systems21-Oct22-Mar
Roofing and Waterproofing21-Nov22-Jun
Misc Metals21-Dec22-Jun
Vertical and Horizontal Transportation21-Dec22-Jun
Exterior Doors21-Dec22-Jun
Fire protection22-Feb22-May
Electrical - Power, Lighting, Fire Alarm22-Feb22-May
Electrical Low Voltage22-Mar22-Jun
Civil Work/Roadways
Selective Demolition21-Dec22-Feb
Temporary Signal and Traffic Signage21-Dec22-Mar
Permanent Roadways and Curb Modifications21-Dec22-Feb
Concourse A Apron Civil Package22-Nov22-Apr
Concourse B Apron Civil Package22-Nov22-Feb
Hydrant Fuel Systems21-Oct21-Dec
Site Utilities21-Dec22-Mar
Headhouse Curtain Wall Systems21-Nov
Headhouse Roofing and Waterproofing22-Jan
Headhouse Fireproofing22-Feb
Headhouse Misc Metals22-May22-Aug
Headhouse Vertical Transportation22-Jan22-Jun
Headhouse Exterior Doors21-Dec22-Jun
Headhouse Mechanical22-Feb22-Jul
Headhouse Plumbing22-Feb22-May
Headhouse Fire protection22-Feb22-Jul
Headhouse Electrical - Power, Lighting, Fire Alarm22-Feb22-May
Headhouse Electrical Low Voltage22-Mar22-Sep
Headhouse Relocation of Utilities 21-Dec22-Feb
Projectwide & Miscellaneous Trades
AOA Fence and Public Protection21-Aug21-Oct
Pre-Purchase Equipment21-Nov22-Feb
Final Cleaning22-Jun22-Sep


D’Anna Bradley
DACK Consulting Solutions / Delta Air Lines
Project Executive
MWBE Program | Community Outreach
Office: 646.945.0174

Ericka Brown
DACK Consulting Solutions / Delta Air Lines
MWBE Compliance and Outreach Officer
MWBE Program | Contract Compliance
Office: 646.945.0174