A major objective of the Port Authority is to ensure that we are being a good neighbor to the communities in which we operate. To achieve this objective, the JFK Redevelopment Program (JFKR) has assembled a Community Outreach Team that serves as a touchpoint for the community to be actively engaged in the redevelopment program as well as obtain project information and explore job and business opportunities. The Community Outreach Team meets regularly with the JFKR Community Advisory Council — made up of local elected officials, community boards, clergy, civic and business leaders — to enhance outreach to the local community. The Community Outreach Team, in partnership with the Community Advisory Council, created and oversees the JFKR Community Development Program — supported and jointly funded by the Port Authority, the New Terminal One, JFKIAT, Delta Air Lines, JFK Millennium Partners, and American Airlines.

JFKR Community Outreach Initiatives

The Community Outreach Team develops individual and ongoing initiatives that are sponsored or facilitated by JFKR. These programs underscores the JFKR Community Development Program’s goals by focusing on career development, workforce development, education and environmental stewardship. Some of the current ongoing initiatives are listed below.

Each summer, the Community Outreach Team hosts a weeklong summer camp where students in grades 6, 7 and 8 learn about topics such as climate change, the carbon cycle, renewable energy and environmental justice. The students also take trips to JFK and Idlewild Learning Center.

Girls in Aviation Day was launched in 2015 by the non-profit organization Women in Aviation International. It is meant to introduce girls to career opportunities in the aviation industry — careers that in the past were not traditionally focused on women candidates such as pilots, engineers and mechanics.

On each annual Girls in Aviation Day, the Community Outreach Team, in partnership with the JFK General Manager’s Office, a day-long program that introduces the girls in attendance to the variety of opportunities in aviation and allows them to meet with and hear from women who work in these roles. The program is hosted at JFK International Airport and the attendees are given a tour of the facility.

Each Summer the Community Outreach Team helps to place offers students internship opportunities in the Information Center and throughout the Redevelopment Program.

JFKR Community Outreach E-blast

The Community Outreach sends out weekly emails to share information with the community regarding the JFK Redevelopment Program, Community Information Center information, as well as community event information related to our partners and stakeholders. If you would like to receive these emails, complete the signup form or send an email to [email protected].

JFKR Community Advisory Council Meetings

The Community Outreach Team in partnership with the Community Advisory Council hosts and facilitates quarterly public meetings, at predetermined locations, to meet with the community and provide updates on the JFK Redevelopment Program and its associated projects. Representatives from our Terminal Developer and Compliance partners, as well as elected officials and community leadership representatives are in attendance to provide information and answer questions.
Each meeting is closed with an open discussion period where attendees are able to ask questions, provide feedback and engage with all representatives in an open dialogue. Meeting agendas and presentation summaries are published on the redevelopment website.


Hours of Operation
Tuesday            9 am – 5 pm
Wednesday     9 am – 5 pm
Thursday         9 am – 5 pm
*Mondays and Fridays are virtual work days for the Community Information Center staff
The Community Outreach Team manages and operates the JFKR Community Information Center — the program’s physical point of engagement with the local community. Located in Jamaica, Queens and connected to JFK Airport by the AirTrain, the information center represents the redevelopment program’s physical presence in the community by serving as a resource center for individuals to connect with terminal developers, compliance consultants and other contractors. Here they are able to obtain information about the various projects that make up the Redevelopment Program as well as receive direct, one-on-one guidance for pursuing employment and contracting opportunities.

Partner Outreach Days

Each of our Terminal Developer and Compliance Consultant partners set aside time each week to meet with community members, either at the Community Information Center or virtually.
Our partners are also available to meet by appointment. To schedule an appointment directly with a partner, call (718) 244-3834 or send an email to [email protected] with “Appointment Request” in the subject line.

Meeting/Event Space

The Community Information Center is available as a meeting/event venue. To reserve the space for a meeting or event, complete the request and submit it by email to [email protected]. All requests should be submitted no later than 7-10 days prior to the requested date.
All requests are reviewed for availability, feasibility and appropriateness. Priority consideration will be given to proposed events/meetings that have a nexus to the JFK Redevelopment Program and/or community benefit.