The JFK Redevelopment Community Advisory Council and its four committees meet regularly to ensure continuous, productive communication between the Port Authority, the terminal developers and the community.  This structure provides an open and transparent forum for individuals to help inform and respond to specific programs intended to benefit the community in four key areas: Business Development, Career/Workforce Development, Education, and Environmental Stewardship.

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, and to help broaden the JFK Redevelopment’s reach, we are currently accepting input from the community aimed at advancing the four key focus areas through creative and/or strategic partnerships.

Submissions through this portal should have a direct connection to the JFK Redevelopment.  Specifically, we are seeking ideas that will help the Port Authority and its private partners meet one or more of a variety of goals that deliver measurable benefits to the local community, including:

(a) meeting 30 percent Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) participation goals during redevelopment,

(b) meeting 30 percent MWBE participation goals during operations;

(c) providing contracting opportunities for local businesses;

(d) establishing an experienced long-term pool of contractors to meet future local/MWBE contracting goals in design and construction;

(e) facilitating hiring of local residents during redevelopment;

(f) building the locally based long-term aviation workforce; and/or

(g) directly addressing and mitigating an environmental or community impact, either during the construction or operations phase.

Furthermore, submissions should meet most or all of the following criteria:

  • Impactful: Programs make a meaningful difference in growing the local economy and building capacity for businesses and current and future workforce. Alternatively, an impactful program may mitigate or reduce environmental or community impacts related to JFK Redevelopment.
  • Scalable: Program size and scope may be increased (or decreased) based on need and available resources.
  • Inclusive: Programs allow for incorporation of, and partnership with, community-based service organizations.
  • Synergistic/Non-Duplicative:Successful programs should strengthen, build upon and/or incorporate current community institutions offering similar services.
  • Geographically Balanced: Collectively, programs enhance access to services across all target communities (Southeast and Southwest, Queens; the Rockaways and select parts of Western Nassau County).

Submitted ideas will be reviewed by the JFK Redevelopment team.  At every Council committee meeting, the Council’s facilitator will report on ideas within the committee’s subject area that meet the above criteria.  We cannot guarantee that all ideas received will be specifically referenced in this report.  The Redevelopment team may, on certain occasions, contact the submitter for further information.

The JFK Redevelopment team and the Port Authority may utilize all suggestions provided without additional permission and we may choose to publish good ideas without attribution or provide them to others for review.  Suggestions cannot be maintained as confidential.