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Terminal 8
Contracting Opportunities

American Airlines Current Opportunities
Holt’s Current Upcoming Opportunities
TAA Number: YR-8006-007
TradeM/WBEEstimated AmountBid ResponseAnt. Bid Awards
DoorsM/WBE $90KCurrent9/28/20
HVACM/WBE $550KCurrent9/28/20
FlooringM/WBE $115KCurrent9/28/20
PlumbingM/WBE $150KCurrent9/28/20
CarpentryM/WBE $650KCurrent9/28/20
PaintingM/WBE $42KCurrent9/28/20
MillworkM/WBE $120KCurrent9/28/20
GlassM/WBE $60kCurrent9/28/20
ElectricalM/WBE $305kCurrent9/28/20
LaborM/WBE $150kCurrent9/28/20
TAA Number: YR-8006-002
TradeM/WBEEstimated AmountBid ResponseAnt. Bid Awards
HVACM/WBE$3 Million7/30/209/08/20
PlumbingM/WBE$1.4 Million7/30/209/08/20
Carpentry (1st Fl)M/WBE$300k8/30/209/21/20 - 12/01/20
Electrical (1st Fl)M/WBE$2 Million8/30/209/21/20 - 12/01/20
Paint (1st Fl)M/WBE$250K8/30/209/21/20 - 12/01/20
All FinishesM/WBE$4 Million8/31/209/21/20 - 12/01/20
TAA Number: YR-8006-004
TradeM/WBEEstimated AmountBid ResponseAnt. Bid Awards
FinishesM/WBE$1.4 Million8/14/209/4/20 – 12/01/20
HVACM/WBE$2.5 Million8/14/209/4/20 – 12/01/20
GlazingM/WBE$400K8/14/209/4/20 – 12/01/20
PlumbingM/WBE$995K8/14/209/4/20 – 12/01/20
ElectricalM/WBE$3.5 Million8/14/209/4/20 – 12/01/20
TAA Number: YR-8006-003
TradeM/WBEEstimated AmountBid ResponseAnt. Bid Awards
TAA Number: YR-8006-005
TradeM/WBEEstimated AmountBid ResponseAnt. Bid Awards
Site ElectricM/WBETBD9/14/209/21/20-10/11/20
High Mast LightsM/WBETBD9/14/209/21/20-10/11/20
TAA Number: YR-8006-009 – Scope in major review – aa considering using jetbridges from other locations
TradeM/WBEEstimated AmountBid ResponseAnt. Bid Awards
Trucking SuplM/WBE$225kTBD
Holt’s Prequalification

Firms seeking to participate on the JFK T8 project should complete the pre-qualification for Holt Construction. Please email to to receive the prequalification paperwork. In order to be prequalified you will be required to provide:

1. Completed Pre-Qualification Form

2. W9

3. Sample COI

4. NY Holt Master Agreement (Executed by an officer of the company)

COI requirements are as follows and proof must be provided:

• General Liability – $1 Million
• Auto – $1 Million
• Umbrella Liability – $5 Million
• Workers Comp – $500,000