You must agree to Input Submission Terms & Conditions.

In order for your  submission to qualify it must demonstrate a direct nexus to the JFK Redevelopment Program. We will not accept confidential and/or proprietary information of any type.


Please do not submit confidential information. The JFK Redevelopment, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ), and terminal developers will evaluate all submissions and cannot ensure total confidentiality. If you would like to keep your materials confidential, please DO NOT submit.


You cannot submit material or intellectual property of another person or entity. Your submission and all of its contents automatically become the property of the PANYNJ with no compensation owed to you. Therefore, the signor must have the exclusive right to submit the idea to the Council. Further, the signor must have the legal right to negotiate the idea with us and the power and authority to grant any and all rights in the material.

Please determine whether your employer owns the rights to your idea prior to submission. The Council will not be responsible for ideas submitted that are in violation of an agreement or understanding with another party, including but not limited to a current or former employer.

By Signing the Terms & Conditions, I Acknowledge That I:

  1. I understand and agree to be bound to the following terms and conditions when I submit my idea to the JFK Redevelopment or its affiliates.
  2. I agree to follow the “Community Input Guidelines,” above.
  3. I am at least 18 years old.
  4. I am the owner of the material I am submitting.
  5. Acceptance of your submission imposes no obligations on the JFK Redevelopment, PANYNJ, or Terminal Developers, and in particular:
    To acknowledge or review your submission, or otherwise respond to you in any way regarding your submission
    To keep your submission confidential, and may publish or otherwise publicly disclose your submission in any existing or later developed media;
  6. The information I am submitting is true and correct.
  7. I am not violating any agreement or understanding I have with any other party, including but not limited to my current or former employer.
  8. I am giving up all copyright and other intellectual property right claim, I may have against the JFK Redevelopment, PANYNJ, and Terminal Developers for copying, disclosing, evaluating or otherwise using my submission.
  9. I will not be personally compensated for ideas developed by the JFK Redevelopment, PANYNJ, and Terminal Developers independent of the idea I submit.
  10. I am only including one discrete concept, initiative or idea per submission.